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Diversity and Inclusion

Empowering every individual to greater opportunity, growth and success
Konica Minolta Business Solutions (Canada) Ltd. is committed to uphold a culture that truly values differences and inclusion. This is how we approach our business and we entrust this high standard to all of our employees. As an organization dedicated to leveraging the unique talent of every individual, we are committed to the principles of equal opportunity, fairness and mutual respect.

Employee Diversity
We believe that diversity in the workplace is essential to fostering creativity and innovation. We feel that our strength lies in our employees and that through assembling a diverse team composed of members from different qualifications, backgrounds and experiences, we can continuously create value for society. Konica Minolta seeks to offer a workplace in which each and every employee can achieve their full potential, enjoying physical and mental well-being while contributing their talent to a diverse team.
Jessica A., Major Account Executive, President Club Award Winner

A CAREER AT KONICA MINOLTA... in the words of Jessica A., Major Account Executive, President Club Award Winner Konica Minolta is an industry leader in information management focusing on enterprise content management. We continue to achieve more market share with our award-winning technology, and invest significantly in R&D and in our employees. Working for this high performance company has given me the opportunity to learn and grow within the company rapidly. My role is challenging, fast-paced, and I love every second of it. I am proud to work for Konica Minolta and excited to contribute to the company at this tremendous time.

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